Worn down by the day to day? Nearly buried in clutter? Or simply seeking more calm in your life? At A Life Worth Organizing, we seek to understand what areas of your life are out of sync, work together to ensure your organizing goals are met, and leave you with a space that helps you live an organized life worth living!


Our services are designed to help you organize and maintain your space, so you can spend less time managing chaos and more time doing the things you love!

Working together in person or virtually, we’ll provide expert assistance to help you complete your DIY home organizing project or provide a refresh on an already organized space.

With our most popular package, we’ll work together to understand your goals and then take a hands on approach to leave your space feeling exactly how you had envision it.

Not sure where to get started? Let A Life Worth Organizing expertly create a custom experience that resolves your most uncomfortable organizing challenges.


All services include a complementary consultation, all inclusive pricing and complete confidentiality.

“Teal’s approach of understanding my organizing goals and helping me tackle them a few hours at a time, was exactly what I needed.” -C.C.


A Life Worth Organizing was created by professional organizer, Teal Buetzow. We understand how motivating a well organized home can feel and we work with each of our clients to make sure their goals are achieved. Through each interaction, we meet you with honesty and kindness to make the process as pleasant as possible.